Librarian Fact #632

Some librarians wear glasses as corrective lenses, others so that they have something to peer over the top of at erring library patrons.

Librarian fact #880

Ball pits are banned from library conventions, as librarians spend too much time arguing over whether the balls should be sorted by colour or left to occur at random in order to introduce a element of spontaneity into the user experience.

Librarian Fact #199

Nobody knows it, but your local public librarian has a secret smile, and they use it only for you.

Librarian Fact #846

Librarians will tell you that the titular character of the made-for-TV movie The Librarian, and its two sequels, is not actually a librarian. This hasn’t stopped them anxiously awaiting the announcement of the series’ fourth film.

Librarian Fact #689

Librarians are able to hear the heartbreaking sobs of books that were requested but never picked up.

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Librarian Fact #205

Librarians experience a profound sense of guilt when asking patrons to pay their fines - unless the patron tries to wriggle out of a single day’s overdue fee, in which cases librarians may become both supremely inflexible and unbearably smug.

Librarian Fact #172

Cataloguers do have a keen sense of humour. They can laugh for days over an improperly indexed book.

Library Fact #217: Librarians think this cartoon is funny.
So funny it might just work…

Library Fact #217: Librarians think this cartoon is funny.

So funny it might just work…

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Librarian Fact #908






A librarian’s two chief weapons are surprise, fear, and ruthless familiarity with popular culture.


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I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

- Jorge Luis Borges

Librarian fact #730: Librarians work in paradise.